Accelerate Teamwork

Effective Development teams

In Agile Software Development it is essential that all disciplines work together and cooperation is effectuated to the maximum. Obstacles, being of environmental, cultural or organisational nature should be identified and eliminated.

Teams should be able to work independently with maximum autonomy and a strong focus on delivering business value in the most efficient way.

Multi-disciplinary teams are not bound to roles and share the responsibility for all required expertise in a team. This does not imply that everybody is good at everything, but a balanced team has all required expertise to do the job. People are experts in their own field and knowledgeable in a wide range of disciplines.

Cross-functional teams should take shared ownership over the quality and efficiency of the team.

A continuous focus on improvement is required to maintain a sustainable pace. In order to operate in team flow, box thinking should be banned and roles should be eliminated.

Transparency, commitment and trust are key elements to successful teamwork and will drive development. Successful teamwork relies on qualified people, shared responsibilities and good communication, which naturally leads to more job satisfaction, higher efficiency and more quality output.

Get It Done

Greenlight-it can help teams to more effectively share knowledge and to improve and indulge craftsmanship. We can help to implement and refine the Agile practices that are required for successful Agile Software Development.

Greenlight-it  can help to introduce a system of continuous improvement that contributes to higher quality and productivity with maximum team efficiency and satisfaction.