Greenlight-it envisions a world where testing is no longer treated as a second class citizen and where quality is the cherry on the pie of a smooth and effective delivery process.  We have witnessed that testing can be the cornerstone of successful software development and we have the firm believe that testing, provided that this is done right, is the lubricant for continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

Greenlight-it helps organisations to transition from traditional testing to true Software Quality Engineering. We do not believe in the role of an individual tester, we do believe in testing as an extremely important skill that is indispensable in any successful team. We help testers and teams experience what it means to have testing embedded in the software development- and requirements process.

Any team or organisation can benefit, whether it is through small steps or with radical changes, it is always a good moment to embrace change and improve your process.

Through consultancy, coaching, training and audits Greenlight-it helps identify and realise improvements that will help you one step closer to your goals.

We live and breath change and don’t mind to get our hands dirty in the process.

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